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Are You going to Greece visiting the island of IOS this year?

Do You like the idea of a smart job, while having partytime?

Medienverlag HS GmbH is a private Media Company founded in 1989.
Working in cooperation with students of different Universities in Germany, internationalization,
integration and growth are the marks of our Company. The demands we place on our employees
are oriented on these principles: We require the ability to cooperate across the various countries and cultures,
along with a high level of flexibility and a willingness to acquire new knowledge and skills. We are looking for people
who possess a high level of initiative, responsibility and team spirit, and are willing to embrace changes
as well as chances. If you can meet these requirements, a company with a strong image that is fit for the future
awaits you. To help you achieve your career goals, we can offer you attractive, individual opportunities
to develop your talents.
During your stay on IOS you can become a volunteer for our company.
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